Five Fun Things September-October Edition

  1. Mushroom Hunting.
  2. Middle Finger Neon Sign
  3. Smut Clubs
  4. Stern squirt
  5. Halloween in a Mountain Town


We had a ton of rain in Durango, Colorado late summer/early Fall. And, one day a girlfriend and I went out to the La Platas and spent hours walking around and identifying mushrooms.

This book above is a little homage to just embrace who you are. The book is full of mushroom fanatics and it is a delight to see people being weird, silly and embracing themselves.

We only took home mushrooms we were positive were edible. My favorite were these tumbling puff balls. The book reads them as bland but they soak up herbs. And easy to identify.


This is too expensive for my budget. But we have a loft with a brick chimney (not a working fireplace) and how fun would this sign be on it.


I have joined a smut book club. We meet once a month. And it has been an delight to say the least. We are on meeting 4, this month is Ice Barbarians. It’s weird, funny and I think everyone can use some some silly sex talk with our girlfriends.

A HUGE hit was Remain Nameless:

It’s a Harry Potter Fan Fiction. And, while the purists might think a Draco and Hermoine Smut is absurd, the author did an excellent job creating a believable story and it is HOT. Draco is in therapy.


As with the change of seasons, the kayaks have been put into the backyard to stay until Spring. However, towards the end of the Season in September, we really got into the stern squirt.

Here, is a great website that teaches the basics:

What I found to be really helpful is do not wait to learn back, lean immediately as you hit the white water.


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