Outdoor Shower

We decided to build an outdoor shower in our backyard.

Why: Yes, we do river sports. But, also there is something magical about being outside. I mean let me put it this way. You can shower as the sun sets. You can shower in the rain. You can shower with the crickets. I think you are starting to get the point.

Location: We live on “the grid” in a small mountain town. We have apartments to our right, and houses to our left. We tucked our outdoor shower near the outside door under a Box Elder Tree.

It’s a really easy setup. We purchased a water heater online. It connects to propane and the water hose, and comes with a shower head. We purchased the water heater before we really knew where we wanted the shower. We have a cement block in the corner of the yard that seemed to be a good spot. But, then the direct heat would have heated up the metal we were thinking of using as a siding, so we decided to put it under the box elder.

How: Our first mission was to clear out the rose bush, and flatten out the soil. We then dug two holes to put posts in and cut around the patio. Thankfully, we had the help of Duncan’s father to cut around the patio bricks.

We then used cement to set up two wooden two by four wood posts to make a wall. Once the posts were setting we set up the weed quilt on the ground and placed the stepping stones where we wanted them positioned. We then put out pea gravel around the stepping stones.

Once we had the hardened cement, we cut the sheet metal to close in holes in fence from our apartment neighbors. And then we put wood across the two by four posts so we had something to screw the sheet metal to. We then attached the sheet metal to the wood.

We positioned the water heater, and then made a shelf for shampoo and conditioner with an old license plate we had available. We added a split on the hose for outside, so we have a hose to the shower and a hose to water the plants. And, well in a day of work, we had a fully functioning warm water shower outside!

Reality: The water gets really HOT. You can control the temperatures. Your outside with some string lights and a tree. OK now with that imagery in your mind listen to this short clip audio on high. And, think of thr smell of freshly cut lavender.


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