Some Mountain Scrambling with a Hot Shower in a Thunderstorm and Pancakes

We woke up early to run a local haunt, Engineer. We had really projected doing Snowdon, but when we woke up – our mutt followed us around the house begging to come with and we caved. She can do Engineer, no problem.

We set out in the morning, and hiked fast. Engineer is a local haunt because it’s in an easy location and has some fun technical moves. If you have never summited the mountain, a lot of people get lost on route. There is a video that can help with navigation:

I actually sent this to a friend who wants to hike the mountain for the first time and just moved to town.

While our mountain mutt can summit this mountain, I would say and from observation many dogs would not be comfortable with this summit.

Once we summited the mountain, we ran the entire hike back to the car. It’s mostly downhill and you can really pick up speed running. The hike itself is very rewarding because it goes through trees, wildflowers, and ponds, and then up this techie approach with excellent views.

After we came home, my partner took a nap and I headed out to see if I could gets some surf laps in. Sadly, the weather didn’t hold. Once I got back home, I jumped in our new outdoor shower (post to follow soon). The shower is heated and secluded. We showered in the rain listening to thunder in the distance, really worth it.

After the shower we made some cardamon jelly from our purple plums that we have in the backyard. We made some savory pancakes with our tomatoes from the garden and sweet pancakes with cardamon plum jelly. We have been trying to really utilize our fruits and vegetables from our backyard.

I’d say not a bad Sunday. Here is a photo of a breakfast the next day highlighting our jelly and tomatoes:

Some of Backyard Veg

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